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FAQ: Digital Advice

As a veterinarian, in addition to treating animals, you play an important advisory role. Customers rely on your expertise and experience. Often customers want professional veterinary advice on setting up their filtration system, maintenance such as checking certain parameters, feeding advice, algae control, purchasing advice, etc.

Despite the free access to a lot of information on the Internet, the advice of a professional is still worth its weight in gold.
Everyone needs advice on everything and anything, and conflicting messages on different websites often make it difficult to see the forest for the trees. Also, it is often unclear who wrote the text on the other side of the PC, if they have any experience with what they are writing, and if they have any training in the subject matter they are posting. Often texts from websites are simply copied several times.


I get all kinds of questions every day. Sometimes they are small things that can be answered in 1 minute, often it takes a bit more time to formulate a correct answer, often it is impossible to give advice via digital applications and I have to see patients on the spot. Simple or obvious questions such as how to take good care of a wound, advice on how to optimize your filter, which test kit to use to measure water quality, how much and when to feed your fish, algae control, etc… can be answered this way.


It is impossible and not intended to diagnose a health problem through pictures and text. For this, I will come to your home or you are welcome in my office.


I charge 1.5 Euro per minute for a digital consultation, with a minimum of 5 Euro per consultation. Any advice within the scope and time frame of a consultation is included in the consultation fee. Consultations linked to a previously paid visit, follow-ups, adjustments,… are not charged extra.

What do you get in return?

Time is precious, professional advice is very valuable. Our advice is based on many years of experience and you are not getting it from a stranger behind a PC, but from an established veterinarian specialized in Koi.


Paid advice can be obtained by following this link. It is possible to add attachments or documents. If an answer is not possible via the digital highway, you will be given the opportunity to make an appointment. If you can be helped via digital advice, you will receive an email with the advice and payment details. If it is via Whatsapp, you will receive an invitation to pay via the online application.
We do not want to cause any more headaches in terms of tracking payments, sending repeated payment reminders, etc. Of course, those who do not accept the payment invitation will not have to ask for advice or a visit a second time. If this way of working does not work, we will stop this service.

Completion form digital advice

Time frame

in most cases, except for holidays, you can expect a response within 24 hours.