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We have a number of unique products that we can offer through our order page. Of course all these products can also be purchased directly at a consultation, in combination with a paying consultation we give a 5% discount on the public sale price as soon as the amount to be paid is higher than 50 euros (discount only valid on products from the “FishCareVet” range).

How does it work?
We are not a webshop like most others… after all, there is no payment platform associated with it. On this page you can fill out the form at the bottom of the page and tick off exactly what you want to order. If you have a question or comment you can send it right away. This form is then manually entered into our system and an invoice together with the sales conditions will be sent to you by mail with the total amount to be paid. This usually happens within 24h (on working days) but at busy times it may take a little longer. When we are on holiday and cannot send packages, it is indicated on the website and you will also receive an autoreply. Your order will then be processed as soon as we are back, if you want to cancel your order at that time, you can still do so because we understand that people often like to get their order quickly and sometimes choose an alternative that is readily available.

Once the invoice associated with an order is paid (be sure to include the invoice number carefully), we get to work on effectively sending the package. Therefore, it is best to choose “instant payment” so that everything goes as fast as possible if you want to receive the goods as soon as possible. Be sure to also check whether you wish to receive the package at your home or at a pickup point near you (the latter is cheaper). Basically, you get an email from the parcel company with tracking information so you can track the order to you at all times.

One more tip : put our email address & in your favorites or known addresses so we don’t end up in your spam. All communication from us is done through this address.

Option 1 :
If, in addition to receiving our products in the short term, you would also like to schedule a consultation in the longer term, you will receive the discount deducted from the settlement of the consultation. You will normally receive the invoice for the products within 24h to 48h (if everything goes smoothly) and the products will be shipped as soon as we receive payment of the invoice on our account. On the invoice there will be a voucher for a certain amount, be sure to keep this and show it to us at the consultation that will take place later. At that time, this amount is then deducted from the amount to be paid. Vouchers are valid only for the same year in which the products were delivered and within 4 months of ordering. The visit will be scheduled on average within 1 to 4 weeks.

Option 2 :
If you would like to order some products AND schedule a visit on short notice, please make sure to check this well in the form at the bottom (add an additional note if necessary). We then bring the products with the consultation and charge everything at the same time the day of the visit. Therefore, you will not receive an invoice separately for the products in advance. We will schedule a visit within about 10 days depending on availability and keep you informed when it will take place as soon as it is definite on our calendar.

Shipping Costs : Our packages are shipped with DPD, BPOST or a similar company. The cost of shipping is the same as the rates found on the supplier’s website. We do charge a small supplement for the administration and handling of the package – we see this as an extra service but which does take extra time. Once the package is delivered to the supplier, we are no longer responsible for handling the delivery. Delays due to unforeseen circumstances are possible and beyond our control and responsibility. If defects are found on the products delivered, the buyer must notify us in writing within 24h. We will then look for an appropriate solution.

If you want to pick up the package yourself at the practice, there are of course no shipping costs. You can pick up the package during the office hours of the practice (weekdays 9h to 13h except Wednesdays until 12h) but by appointment (to avoid standing in front of a closed door). Other pickup hours are possible after consultation.
If we would bring the package ourselves because we happen to be in the area shortly thereafter we will let you know to agree on where the package may be left or dropped off. Shipping costs will also be charged in this case!

Problems (afterwards) : Sending in the accompanying form is not a final order. After all, you will receive another confirmation email with invoice and terms of sale for the goods to be delivered. Paying the invoice is agreeing to the order and agreeing to the invoice terms, without payment after 5 business days the order will expire and no further action will be taken (the order will be considered void and canceled). We’ll get back to you though, asking if something went wrong with receiving the invoice. If there are mistakes on the invoice or if you still want to cancel the order, you can let us know via the website or by email ( As long as the invoice has not been delivered or paid, we have the right to cancel or refuse orders.

Stock : if ordered products are out of stock the customer will be notified and we will give you an estimated delivery time. At that point, the customer can still abandon the order if they believe the deadline is too long.

Our offerings:

all prices listed below include VAT, exclude shipping and handling) (large orders, regular order taker, professional customer…. contact us for a custom quote

FishCareVet’s Yugen PRO

Price : 750 grams cost 45 euros, 2500 grams cost 115 euros.

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Package insert

FishCareVet’s Immuno Support MIX

Price : 1 liter costs 35 euros, 2.5 liters cost 70 euros, 5 liters cost 125 euros.

Tip : For stubborn infections, the product can be overdosed up to 3 times.

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FishCareVet’s Immuno Boost SPRAY

Price : A 250ml bottle costs 35 euros. For larger packages, request your custom quote.

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FishCareVet’s Nitrifying Bacteria

Price : 35 euros for 1 liter. 60 euros for 2 liters. 125 euros for 5 liters.

Important : this product will not be shipped due to difficult storage conditions. So it can only be picked up at the practice or delivered at a home visit.

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FishCareVet's Fin & Wound Repair

Price : 1 bottle costs 18 euros

Tip : Wear gloves when using, be careful because spills also stain other materials for a long time

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General Conditions of Sale

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