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The practice is in annual holiday until July 21. For urgent cases contact Colleagues Maarten Lammens (Fl.Brabant 0476202591 until 16/7), Eef Donne (E/W-Flanders 051584981 until 15/7), Bram Meersman (Flanders 0474518478) or Stijn Verbinnen (Flanders/Wallonia 0476889703). For appointments that are not urgent you can already send your details and we will give you a date as soon as possible. During our holidays, no products will be delivered via the order page and we cannot give paid advice.

Regards Tim B.


Veterinary practice specializing in fish and koi carp

Welcome to the website of FishCareVet!

When a hobby grew into a passion and that passion could be intertwined with a profession, hesitated veterinarian Tim Barbé not long, which is why he has now been ready to professionally help people with sick fish out of trouble for nearly 20 years. With a client base of over 3,500 individuals, businesses, clubs and a growing number of about 200 clients per year, he is THE reference when it comes to knowledge and experience in treating fish.

Who uses our services?

In addition to individuals with an ornamental pond or aquarium, we also visit businesses, pond stores especially, who want to make sure their fish are sold in perfect condition. Also aquaculture farms that sell live fish for consumption. Angling clubs also often need veterinary guidance, such as after the release of new fish or in cases of mortality.

What are our strengths?

Besides having almost 20 years of experience in examining and treating fish, almost everything is in house to do this in a quick and smooth way. Most examinations are done on the spot at your home : microscopy, water analysis, ultrasound, radiography, blood tests, …. Samples for further analysis are examined in my own lab for infectious germs such as bacteria, think of Aeromonas spp. and viruses such as the Herpes Virus, ….


0477640674 (during practice hours)


Frans Van der steenstraat 45

1750 Sint-Kwintens-Lennik


How can we help your fish?

Outside opening hours, feel free to send us an email or fill out the contact form, we usually reply within 12 to 24h on weekdays.

Urgencies : send a message via whatsapp or mail and we will respond as soon as possible.

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